Issue! datatype

1. Abstract

Issue! values are used to represent hashtags, keywords, and identifiers (like serial numbers) that don’t contain spaces.

Issue! is a member of the following typesets: all-word!, immediate!

2. Creation

Issue values can be created using literal syntax, or at runtime by using a to conversion.

>> to issue! "123.42-xxx"
== #123.42-xxx

>> to issue! #"R"
== #R

3. Literal syntax

A pound sign # followed by a sequence of characters. Issue! values are terminated by whitespace, semicolon, or a delimiter marking the start of a new value (e.g. [ starting a block).




4. Comparisons

All comparators can be applied on issues: =, ==, <>, >, <, >=, <=, =?.

5. Testing values

Use issue? to check if a value is of the issue! datatype.

>> issue? #ABC-123-xyx
== true

>> my-word: #X11'xyz
== #X11'xyz

>> issue? my-word
== true

Use type? to return the datatype of a given value.

>> type? #ABC-123-xyx
== issue!

>> type? my-word
== issue!

6. Predefined words

6.1. Functions

hex-to-rgb, issue?, to-issue

6.2. Natives


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